How A Struggling Natural Therapist  Started Booking Herself Out Months In Advance With  Dream Clients Who Book Again and Again.  

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Now you too can get booked solid, confidently raise prices and have people GLAD to pay it, work ONLY with great clients and finally have a therapy business which gives you the income and lifestyle you want.

Dear Fellow Therapist,

If you want to take home an extra £11,000... £22,000... even £33,000+ this year as a therapist WITHOUT sacrificing your lifestyle AND only work with dream clients - then this could be the most important things you read all year.

Let me explain.

My name is Sam Lennie.

About 3 years ago I was a struggling therapist. Despite having great therapy skills and a little marketing know-how, I struggled to get clients for my business.

I tried everything I could think of.

I printed up flyers and did letterbox drops…

I joined lots of groups on Facebook and posted special offers in them…

I posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram profiles to stay ‘top of mind’ amongst my network (which was useless, because I had just moved to Australia from the UK. Which meant most of my network was back in the UK and couldn’t even use my services)…

I asked clients if they knew any friends or family members who could use my help…

...Give Up On My Dreams And Go Get A Job.

What’s worse, even when I WAS able to get a client, I charged embarrassingly low rates (because I needed clients so badly) that I STILL barely made any money.

In fact, one month I added up all my invoices and found out that I had only made £197!

Not only was I making little money whilst living in Sydney - one of the most expensive cities in the world (fortunately, at least my husband had a good income) - I was also stressing out about my business all the time.

Soon enough, I started to doubt whether I had made the right choice to become a therapist, and wondered whether I would have to…

But no matter what I did, I struggled to fill up my calendar with clients.

It was during that time I was faced with a decision.

I could keep doing things the same way and doom my therapy dreams to failure…

OR I could decide to do whatever it took to make my therapy business successful.

And that’s what I did.

I got my hands on every business book I could…

I enrolled in £1,100 business courses…

I even joined a £15,000 a year business mastermind group so I could see what successful business owners were doing...

I learned about sales, positioning, pricing, marketing, business management and more.

I started to apply everything I learned to my therapy business.

And through a process of trial-and-error, I slowly started to turn around my business.

I overcame the ‘head trash’ which was stopping me from achieving what I wanted with my business…

I learned how to get the word out there about my services, land my DREAM clients and book myself SOLID…

I learned how to increase my prices and have people glad to pay my fee…

As a result, my income more than quadrupled in the space of a year.

I went from an embarrassing £5,473 in the 2015-2016 financial year to £25,266 in the 2016-2017 financial year.

As I’ve gotten better at the ‘business’ side of things, my income has continued to increase.

In fact...

...In November 2017, I made £5,108!

Now, while that’s a far cry from making me a millionaire, for someone who was only making £500-£1,000 a month less than 2 years earlier, it was HUGE.

What’s more, I did it working only 20 hours a week and only with clients who were a delight to work with.

For the first time in years, I haven’t been stressing about my business all the time...

So to celebrate, at the end of last 2017, I decided to book a holiday at the beautiful One World Retreats in Ubud, Bali

Therapists who knew me have been seeing my business’ transformation and have been asking what I’ve done.

And after dozens of conversations I started to realise that many therapists were struggling with the EXACT same issues which I had in business.

However, I’m quite busy looking after my therapy clients.

Which is why I decided to sit down, and lay out everything I’ve done in my business, in a step-by-step program...

...One which almost any therapist with a little determination can follow to transform themselves from just a great therapist… to the owner of a great therapy business.

I call this:

The 6-Figure Soulful Therapist Mastermind

This is a Mastermind and Business Coaching Program is for therapists that have reached a plateau point in their business and are looking to help more clients.

They want to build a business which gives them the freedom to take holidays, spend time with family, work with dream clients, and earn double and triple their income in the process.

With my marketing and business process Secrets, you don't have to spend hours learning lots of marketing techniques, this is about maximising and leveraging what you already know and love about your business, to receive much more.

If only you learned this when you were training, hey?
But first I need to establish if I can help you or not and whether you would fit into the current group of dynamic, 'can-do' therapists.

I am offering a 45-minute session where I will firstly, help you get unstuck.

   Developing A Winning Mindset

  • Common limiting beliefs which are holding you back from building a thriving therapy business and how to overcome them.

  • How to be mentally prepared for any challenge you face in business. Let’s face it, you will face difficulties in business. The difference between successful business owners and those who struggle lies in how they handle challenges. I’ll show you how to mentally prepare and overcome the challenges you’ll face.

  • How to stay motivated so you can hit your goals as quickly as possible.

   6-Figure Business Foundations

  • How to build a business that gives you the income and lifestyle YOU want.

  • The essential numbers you need to know in your business.

  • How to identify and stay focused on the activities which are the highest value to you and your business.

  • Therapy business essentials (legal, insurance, etc.) - the boring, but important and often overlooked areas you need to make sure you have covered.

   Pricing Your Services

  • How to price your services so you remain attractive but highly profitable.

  • How to create irresistible packages which people LOVE.

  • If, when and how to run promotions.

   Positioning Your Services

  • How to stand out from all the other therapists out there.

  • How to command premium prices for your services (and have clients gladly pay).

  • What high quality, high-paying clients look for (once you know this, you’ll know how to attract them).

  • How to avoid nightmare clients - red flags to look out for, and how to repel them from your business in the first place.

   Attracting Great Clients

  • How to get great clients through your network without feeling like you are hassling or begging family and friends.

  • Don’t like to sell but love to teach and share knowledge? How to use educational workshops to land great clients.

  • How to get businesses and organisations eager to send you clients - for free.

  • How to attract clients on demand using simple Facebook Ads (proven templates included).

  • How to turn inquiries into eager clients, including:
    • What questions to ask a prospective client
    • How to present price with confidence
    • How to sell without feeling like a salesperson

    • What to do if you are starting from scratch with ZERO clients.

   Getting Clients Coming Back Long-Term

  • How to WOW clients with a great pre-session, in-session and post-session experience.

  • How to onboard new clients so they can’t wait for their first session.

  • What keeps clients coming back again and again.

  • How to keep in touch with clients without seeming like a pest, so they continually come back.

  • How to turn one client into many with proven referral strategies.

  • How to get old clients coming back.

Bonuses - Weekly Coaching Calls

For all Mastermind members, I host 1:1 group coaching calls to support, share tips, close knowledge gaps and address your needs. If you have any questions with the training material or just want some guidance and solutions to things that are going on in your business, you can jump on and I’ll answer them straight away for you.

The 6 Figure Soulful Therapist Mastermind

Here’s just a little sample of what you’ll discover inside the program:

Click Here For A FREE 45 Min Growth Session

During the call, I will share how you can create regular income from your existing clients and show you a simple technique for getting new clients.

To find out if we are the right fit to work together, please only apply for a call if you have been running your therapy business for 12 months or more, or your income and client base has plateaued and you want to scale further. 
Plus, you'll need to be open and committed to changing some of what you are doing and be happy to invest in yourself and your business. 

Sound just like your kind of thing?

Here’s How Therapists Are Increasing Regular Income From New and Existing Clients and have been doubling and tripling in just a few weeks.

 "As a therapist for over sixteen years, I felt that I had become ‘stuck in a rut’ and was unsure of how to move my business forward...

I particularly needed to find a way to market a new modality to a different client base, so decided to enrol on Sam’s T6FST programme - which has been well worth the investment.

Sam has been invaluable in helping me change my mindset and self-limiting beliefs and has shared her considerable marketing expertise and knowledge in areas of business, that I now realise I had been neglecting.

She exudes positivity and energy and has given me a clear direction in terms of increasing my client base and I have seen my revenue increase significantly in the three months I have been working with her. Sam is a lovely person and has been so helpful - offering support, advice, fresh ideas and encouragement at every step of the way. 

I feel that I have found a new enthusiasm for my business. Huge thanks Sam for all your support and for helping me take my therapy business to the next level �� xx"           

Clare - Clare Minter Therapies, UK

 "I wish I had known about Sam when I first started my solo holistic therapy business. I had used another business marketing program before but it wasn't aimed specifically at natural therapists. 

Then I discovered Sam - she has been like gold dust! 

I have gained so much confidence and knowledge in growing my business in the past 6 months than I have in the 2 years of business. 

Being connected with other therapists in the group has made a huge difference to me as a solo therapist and has been an added support throughout the course as well. 

Sam is motivating, encouraging, warm and a genuinely lovely soul. I can't wait for the next course "           

Michelle - Cambridge Holistics, UK

Sam is a great coach, and has plenty of fresh, informed and useful advice for any practitioner wanting to utilise these new forms of marketing to direct potential clients to their businesses. 

As a hands-on holistic reflexologist, I was looking for guidance and help with social media marketing, from someone in my industry. 

It's great to have a coach/mentor who is directly involved in the same industry, and Sam is lovely, approachable, and offers an affordable service. Highly recommended.

 I have been able to refine and adapt my marketing to be more effective, targeted and precise. 

Rowena - Weymouth Bay 
Reflexology, UK

Click Here For A FREE 45 Min Growth Session

During the 45 min call, I will share how to create regular income from your existing clients and show you a simple technique to bring in new clients.

To find out if we are the right fit to work together, please only apply for a call if you have been running your therapy business for 12 months or more, or your income and client base has plateaued and you want to scale further. 
Plus, you need to be open and committed to change some of what you are doing and be happy to invest in yourself and your business

I have discovered that my true gift is facilitating change and transformation in my clients. 

I hold space so you can connect to your inner self, expand your awareness and identify what your soul is calling for. And fully live your purpose for helping others.

When you work with me, you receive any combination of my gifts and expertise; Reflexology, Reiki, Business Coaching & Mentoring, Spiritual Guidance.

I look forward to connecting with you

P.S. A call can only open you up to greater potential - Book your growth session with me today!

 Book your session and you'll instantly receive a FREE Video Training to raise your business profile and visibility on google search engines, using Google My Business

Book your session and you'll instantly receive a FREE Video Training to raise your business profile and visibility on google search engines, using Google My Business

 Some more therapists who have already joined and are seeing amazing results are:

Michelle, from Cambridge, who does Reflexology, Reiki and relaxation massage, did one piece of Facebook marketing for her new Treatment and got 7 bookings and £390...