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I help Professional Therapists attract great clients, create the income, independence and own the business and life of their dreams


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Growing a successful Therapy business is about having the right mindset and putting in place the strategies and systems to double and triple your business, to give you 
more hours back every week

Michelle, a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, booked in 13 clients in one day

You're an incredible, high achieving therapist that loves helping people, right? 

The challenge is not in how amazingly knowledgeable and experienced you are at getting your clients the results they want, it's knowing how to be successful in running a business.

To be empowered, have an abundance of perfect clients, be independent and have the business you dream of with time on your hands, you need to be relentlessly determined, have a clear vision, be a keen planner, effective marketer, and constant implementer.

Many solo therapists get by week to week, directionless, not knowing their numbers, feeling stuck and uncertain, hoping that people will call and business will grow. The truth is that most therapists are not equipped with the skills, tools and mindset to build a proper business and stand on their own two feet, not yet.

"Investing in tried and tested strategies and an experienced mentor that really does have your back, ensures that you and your therapy business grows to the level you really desire. 

I provide you with expert training and structured learning in a supportive environment so you become an even more incredible, accomplished, successful business owner".



What Sam's clients say

As an experienced therapist and passionate coach, Sam knows how to help business owners adopt the strategies required to achieve success. Below, Sam’s clients explain the impact working together has made in their lives.

“I have helped dozens of therapists in the last 2 1/2 years and I know that those who apply the strategies I teach, will achieve success…
As the saying goes, you only get out, what you put in"

 "As a therapist for over sixteen years, I felt that I had become ‘stuck in a rut’ and was unsure of how to move my business forward...

I particularly needed to find a way to market a new modality to a different client base, so decided to enrol on Sam’s T6FST programme - which has been well worth the investment.

Sam has been invaluable in helping me change my mindset and self-limiting beliefs and has shared her considerable marketing expertise and knowledge in areas of business, that I now realise I had been neglecting.

She exudes positivity and energy and has given me a clear direction in terms of increasing my client base and I have seen my revenue increase significantly in the three months I have been working with her. Sam is a lovely person and has been so helpful - offering support, advice, fresh ideas and encouragement at every step of the way. 

I feel that I have found a new enthusiasm for my business. Huge thanks Sam for all your support and for helping me take my therapy business to the next level �� xx"          

Clare - Clare Minter Therapies, UK

 "I wish I had known about Sam when I first started my solo holistic therapy business. I had used another business marketing program before but it wasn't aimed specifically at natural therapists. 

Then I discovered Sam - she has been like gold dust! 

I have gained so much confidence and knowledge in growing my business in the past 6 months than I have in the 2 years of business. 

Being connected with other therapists in the group has made a huge difference to me as a solo therapist and has been an added support throughout the course as well. 

Sam is motivating, encouraging, warm and a genuinely lovely soul. I can't wait for the next course "           

Michelle - Cambridge Holistics, UK